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St. Patty’s Eve

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Happy St. Patty’s Day Eve!  Need to add some green to your outfit tomorrow?  I have a great and easy idea for you, add a scarf!  Not just any scarf, though.  Accessorizing is all about fun, but adding the right accessories can make all the difference in an outfit.  Take today’s inspiration picture.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  Navy and light green together are such a fabulous color combo.  The problem lies in the styling of the photo.  Look at the size of the bracelet compared to the rest of the items. It’s disproportionally large as the bracelet is the key piece that ties the whole outfit together.  Without it, the ensemble is just a bunch of random items.  In reality, if someone was actually wearing all these pieces, the bracelet may not even be enough to tie the look together.  As you can see in the restyle, the outfit is not cohesive without that key piece.  Very disappointing.
Recipe Style:
I Love green and navy!:
Created by jklmnodavis on Polyvore
My Style:
How would you restyle this outfit?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

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