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Keep it Simple

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Today, let’s talk simplicity.  I love today’s inspiration outfit.  It’s simple yet chic.  You can’t go wrong with basic black paired with some skinny jeans topped off with some tall brown boots.  That’s always a win in the fashion world!  For my restyle, I wanted to add a little something extra while keeping the overall vibe simple and chic.  I opted for the same black shirt, skinny jeans, and tall brown boots.  To boost the interest of the outfit, I added a long-length sweater, a funky yet simple necklace, a bracelet, and some hoop earrings.  Honestly, I’m loving this look.  Even better, it was so easy to put together!  This is one that is sure to be on repeat!
Recipe Style:
Favorite Dolman Top - Black:
From Eleven Oaks Boutique
My Style:
What’s your favorite way to add interest to an outfit?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

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