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Wet n Wild Photo Focus Review

Fabulous Finds Friday

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Today, let’s talk beauty.  I’ve been dying to try the new Photo Focus line from Wet n Wild.  It claims to give you a flawless, camera-ready complexion complete with no flashback during flash photography.  The products are tested under 7 light conditions with and without flash to ensure picture perfect photos.  After hearing several You Tubers talking about how good this foundation is, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.  I went on a quest to find it.  Who knew it was going to be such an adventure!?!  I went to several Targets, Wal-Mart, a couple Wal-Greens, CVS, and a few Dollar General stores. You would think I would find it at one of those places, but no dice.  I finally gave up and ordered it online.  Ordering foundation over the internet is not one of my favorite things to do, especially if I haven’t tried the product before.  It’s so hard to see the colors accurately on a screen.  Luckily, Wet n Wild has a neat shade finder (see it here). First, you choose the foundation line and then you pick the shade name.  From there, the program picks the closest match in the foundation, powder, and concealer.  I went ahead and ordered all three together.  Let’s see how they worked for me…
Photo Focus Foundation: $5.99
This is one of those “your skin but better” types of foundation (find it here).  In other words, it’s a nice medium coverage foundation.  I do like how it wears on the skin and it lasts a full day.  I can’t speak to the flash photography thing, but I do think it’s nice to have something in my collection that could be worn during such events.  My biggest beef with this product is the applicator.  It’s shaped like a paddle.  To be honest, I really don’t know what to do with it.  The paddle is nicer to use than tipping it upside down and dumping it on your hand. However, it’s still awkward.  I’ve found this foundation applies best using a beauty blender so I just wipe the product onto the sponge with the applicator.  If you have other suggestions, please let me know!  Overall, this is an okay foundation.  I’ll use it up, but considering how difficult it was to find, I probably won’t repurchase.
Photo Focus Pressed Powder: $4.99
Again, this is supposed to give you that flawless look for taking pictures (find it here).  I have the same feelings about the powder as I do the foundation.  It’s an okay powder.  It works best if you apply it with a dry makeup sponge and pat it into the skin.  It does set the makeup nicely and is long-lasting.  Nothing groundbreaking by any means, though.  Like I said, it’s nice to have a product in my collection that will reduce flashback during photography.  Other than that, I’ll use this up, but I probably wouldn’t repurchase.

Photo Focus Concealer: $3.99

This is touted to be a high coverage, creamy and luminous concealer (find it here).  I’ve heard it may be a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape (here).  The Tarte Shape Tape comes in at a whopping $25.  Clearly, I haven’t tried it, but the YouTube beauty gurus love it.  Who knows if it’s a dupe of not, but what I do know is the Wet n Wild concealer is very sticky and very quick drying.  Normally, I dot the concealer everywhere I need it and then blend it in.  There is no doing that with this stuff.  I dot it on and then blend it in immediately. In place of an eyelid primer, I’ll sometimes use concealer. You don’t want to that with this product as the eye shadow will not sit well on the concealer.  Highlighter will not sit well on top of this either.  The concealer is so sticky that the highlighter will just adhere right to it making it very hard, if not impossible, to blend out nicely.  It is high coverage, though, which is nice.  You just have to be very careful about where and when you apply it.  For that reason, this is another pass.  Again, I’ll use this up, but I won’t repurchase.
Have you tried the Photo Focus line from Wet n Wild?  What are your thoughts about it?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

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