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Black Friday Follow Up

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

It’s been a hot minute since I posted last, because, ya know, life gets busy. Now, though, we are finding ourselves with a lot more time on our hands. Let’s hunker down together and check out (finally!) what a bought on Black Friday.

I know, Black Friday seems like a distant memory (actually, last week feels like a distant memory). For a quick refresher, check out my post How to Prep for Black Friday.

As you recall, I made a list of the items that I wanted to find on Black Friday. Below is the list:

  1. Work tank top
    1. Black
  2. Sweater x2 (I donated about 5 but I don’t need to replace all of them)
    1. Long length
    2. Loose fitting
  3. Light-weight cardigan
    1. Black
    2. Navy
    3. Dark Pink
  4. Leggings
    1. Brown
  5. Tank tops: Red, teal, purple, navy, dark grey, tan, brown and black
    1. Long length

Did I stick to the list? Did I find everything I wanted? Let’s see how I did, shall we?

Purchased from thredUP/ Similar

Black tank for work? Check! This black tank came straight from thredUP and I couldn’t be happier with it. The fabric flows so beautifully and does not cling to the body, yet you can still layer it up with a cardigan or blazer. The longer length also makes it easy to pair with leggings as well. This was a stellar Black Friday find!

Two long, loose-fitting sweaters…check! Oh and 1 more. Originally, I had purchased the purple and pink sweaters from JCP. When I saw the green sweater on thredUP, though, I just couldn’t resist. It’s so cute and sporty. There’s even a cute ruffle in the back! I’m loving all three of these sweaters and have worn them many times since purchasing them back in November. Another stellar Black Friday find!

Light weight cardigans in black, pink, and navy…check, check, and check! The black cardigan from JCP is so soft, it’s the perfect length, and just the right fit for layering. When this comes back in more colors I might just buy them all! Yes, it’s that good! The navy one is also super comfy and the perfect length and fit. Another win! Then there’s the pink cardigan. Oh, this pink cardigan reminded me of an important lesson. This was another thredUP find. Usually I mark the ‘Condition’ filter as “New with Tags” or “Like New”. Apparently, I failed to mark those when searching for this sweater. The sweater is in fine condition, except the big ink stain on the elbow. Ugh! Look for another post about how to get ink stains out of clothes! Hahaha! Lesson learned, be careful when purchasing used clothing!

Brown leggings from thredUP (similar)

Brown leggings…check! These are the softest, stretchiest leggings I have ever owned. They’re basically like butter. No joke! Another stellar Black Friday find!

Long-length tank tops in red, teal, purple, navy, dark grey, tan, brown and black…these were a no go. I didn’t find anything in this category that tickled my fancy. The search continues.

To make up for not finding any tank tops, I made a few purchases that were not on my list.

Black dress from thredUP (similar)

When I saw this black dress on thredUP, I knew it had to get into my cart immediately! I love tank dresses that can easily be worn by themselves in the summer or with leggings and a cardigan in the cooler months. The fit of this is superb, as it hides all my trouble areas. I’ve already worn this a few times and I’m sure this will get lots of wear time in the coming months!

Floral kimono from thredUP (similar)

Kimonos are on point right now. Add some floral to them and you have a real winner. I LOVE this one. I get so many compliments when I wear it. It’s so flowy and beautiful that I kind of feel like a princess when I throw it on. This is effortless style at its finest.

Floral dress from thredUP (similar)

This floral dress was purchase from thredUP with a little coaxing from my mom. She said it would be perfect for our cruise in February. She was right! This was the perfect cruise dress, but it was also be the perfect summer dress as well. The back is so cute with the racerback cutout and ruffles. Cuteness! Is it summer yet???

Purple tank from thredUP (similar)

This purple tank with it’s long length and flow caught my eye. It’s another great layering piece for home or for the office. This is an item that’s sure to get a lot of wear!

Brown leather boots from Macy’s (exact)

After the breakdown of my fake leather boots (see the post here), I was on the hunt for a pair of authentic leather boots. Unfortunately, these came with a lesson. When buying boots online, one should always measure the circumference of the calf. These ended up being too tight around my leg. I was a sad panda, but my mom got a new pair of real leather boots! Next time, I’ll be more careful!

That’s my Black Friday haul, folks! Overall, I was very happy with all my purchases. There’s a lot of quality pieces here that fit nicely into my existing wardrobe. I’ll be wearing these items for years to come!

That’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by!

Have a fabulous day, lovelies!