Fighting Your Instincts

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Today, let’s talk breaking from the norm, charting a new course, and all that good stuff. Challenges against my usual way of thinking arose when trying to recreate the outfit in the inspiration photo. First, I had to fight the urge to pair the gray and white striped shirt with pink. Why? Who knows, but that’s how I’ve always styled that shirt. Two, never have I put on brown boots to go with gray. Never! If it was my choice, I would’ve reached for black boots. Why? Again, I have no idea. That’s just what I do; grays and blacks get black shoes while browns and blues get brown shoes. This inspiration photo was a good reminder that it’s okay to break fashion rules and to mix things up from time to time.  So, go ahead, wear brown boots with a black top; it can only be fabulous!
Recipe Style:
Classy In The Classroom: Casual Outfit:
From Classy In The Classroom
My Style:
Do you have certain colors that you typically only pair with brown shoes, or is that just me?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in the next post!

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