How to Wear a Striped Shirt 10 Ways

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Don’t you just love clothing items that can do double (or 10x) duty?  I know I do.  We’re spending our hard-earned cash on these pieces, so it’s great to get extra bang for our buck!  When purchasing items, I always try to envision at least 3 ways I can wear the new piece with existing pieces in my wardrobe.  This ensures the new piece will play nicely with the items already in our closets.

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Striped shirts are having a moment lately.  When you stop to think about it, it makes sense.  They are super versatile.  Stripes are really a new neutral.  Not only can they be paired with everything, they can be styled to be casual or dressy and everything in between!

What do you get when you have a striped top that can be worn 10x ways?  Let’s check it out!

I love the look of this yellow sweater with the striped shirt.  I paired this look with ballet flats, but you could easily add a pair of black pumps and dress this look up even more!
This is a pretty casual look.  It’s so easy, though!  Simply throw on a necklace and there you go!
This is one of my favorites.  I’m loving the pink pop of the statement necklace.  I also love the edginess the booties add to the look.  Adding different shoes, such as ballet flats, would totally change the look of this outfit.  So fun!
Mixing patterns can be scary.  As we talked about before, though, stripes are the new neutral.  Feel free to experiment with different patterns.  You never know what you’ll come up with!
A pop of red with black and white is so classy.  I love the book ending in this outfit with the red necklace and the red sandals.
This outfit was so easy yet it’s creeping up on dressy.  The black pumps really take this look to the next level.  Love it!
Again, with the red.  You can’t go wrong with black and white and red!
This is the most causal of all the looks.  Again, such an easy look and allows the statement earrings to have a moment.
This is the most dressy of all the looks and maybe my favorite.  I love sparkles, so this outfit really speaks to me.  I also love the way the black pumps finish off the look.
Another casual look pairing brown with the black and white.  The brown in the necklace helps tie in the brown boots.  Another love!

There you have it.  The 10 looks with a striped shirt (similar shirt here).  I got this idea from Candance over at  She has some amazing posts!  Here’s her latest 10 Ways post.  Check it out for some fabulous new outfit ideas!

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