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How to Overcome a Haute Mess Day

Hey, lovelies! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Today has been crazy. First, I discovered we have no filter MissyAnn…. Yikes. Second, my hair is wild and I don’t have any tools to calm it here at work . Third, I thought it would help if I sprayed a little perfume on. Instead, I sprayed A LOT on and now I feel like everyone is secretly cursing me in their cubes. What’s a girl to do?

First, take a few deep breathes and find your center. Simply be still for a few moments. Then, let’s turn this day around.

Find a friend

The therapeutic benefits of talking out your feelings is undeniable. Sometimes even just talking with someone about anything is helpful. So, find a friend to talk with. People are not too busy to have a 5 minute convo with you especially if they know you’re having a day.

Go for a walk

Just getting up and moving around is sometimes all you need to turn the day around. The simple act of a walk has magical powers to clear ones mind. There have been times I’ve stared at a problem for hours, only to get up, walk a few steps, and the solution comes to me. If you can catch some rays, all the better. Feeling the sun on our skin for even a few moments can have a profound effect on our mood.

Powder your nose

I mean this one quite literally. Grab your makeup bag and head to the restroom. Have yourself a mini self-care session. Touch up your makeup and reapply your lipstick. This does wonders for your confidence. The more confident you feel, the better!

Listen to music

Nothing can get me out of a funk like listening to my favorite tunes. So, grab some headphones and turn on your favorite playlist. You’ll be feeling better in no time!

Find some solitude

Sometimes we just need a little alone time in a spot where no one can find us. We just need to be by ourself. Again, this doesn’t have to be for hours on end. At times, a few minutes to completely disconnect from our surroundings is just what the doctor ordered. I’m lucky at my work that we have a few rooms sprinkled around campus for just that purpose. Complete with a comfy chair and dimmable lights, it’s a great place to relax for a moment. If you don’t have something like that, a unfrequented part of the office works well. I’ve also seeked solitude in my car. That works great too.

What are your tips for overcoming a bad day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

That’s all for today. Have a fabulous day, lovelies!



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The Simple Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Hey, lovelies! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any blogging. I’m glad to be back with you!

Today, we’re talking New Year’s resolutions. You know, the goals we set out to accomplish in the excitement and hope of the upcoming year. Sadly, though, most resolutions end up abandoned by February. Yikes! Okay, well, maybe that’s not a fact, fact. I heard it on The Office so it must be true? 🤷 No matter what the true statistics are, most people do not follow through on their resolutions.

Why is that? We all make well meaning goals. We might want to exercise more or read more or get rid of a bad habit. These are all well intentioned pursuits and we know doing these things is in our best interest. So why do we end up going back to our old ways in a matter of weeks?

Motivation is key. We have to find an impactful way to motivate ourselves. Knowing something is good for us is not enough to do it. We have to dig deeper and find out what’s driving our goals.

An easy way to do this is called reframing. I first saw this concept applied to New Year’s resolutions on Kaitlyn Black’s Instagram. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, she was Annabeth on Hart of Dixie. If you’re looking for something new to watch, Hart of Dixie is a sweet and charming southern rom-com. You can find it on Prime video. I highly recommend it!

Okay, back to reframing. This takes your resolution and digs into the why. Ask yourself, why do I want to do xyz?

Let’s practice with the resolution of Exercise More. Why do I want to exercise more? It may be to get in shape. Why do I want to get in shape? So my clothes fit better. Why do I want my clothes to fit better? So I have a more positive view of my body. Ah, now we’ve gotten to the heart of the matter. We can reframe our resolution from Exercise More to Create a More Positive View of My Body. Which goal are you more likely to keep? I’d say the latter, hands down.

It may take several rounds of asking why to get to the root cause. It’s totally worth it, though. You’ll end up with a resolution that you’re much more likely to keep.

What are your 2021 resolutions? How can you use this reframing technique so you’re more likely to keep them?

Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s good to be back with you all! Have a great day, lovelies!


MissyAnn 😘

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Spring Haul Update

and Taking My Own Advice

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!


When seasons change it’s always nice to buy a few new pieces to refresh our wardrobes. If we keep adding items without getting rid of others, our closets can get very congested and overcrowded. An option to prevent this from happening is to follow the one-in one-out rule. I talked about this briefly in a post here. As a refresher, the one-in one-out rule is when we bring a new piece into our wardrobe, another piece is removed.

I’ve recently bought some new spring items, so I thought it would be fun to share with you how I follow this rule in my own life. I never buy new hangers, which forces me to make sure I adhere to the one-in one-out rule. Let’s get into it!

Even though stripes are hot this year, I chose to let this striped shirt go in favor of this tunic length sweater. I’m loving all things tunic length lately and I feel this sweater fits my current style more than the striped shirt.

These shirts are so similar, so this choice was easy. Plus, the one-out top doesn’t fit well anymore.

Although, I love the this wrap shirt, it’s simply not my jam anymore. It’s time for it to go to Goodwill.

I’m loving this new shirt! It’s another tunic length number. The one-out shirt isn’t a good length and doesn’t fit well anymore.

This new one-in dress is so versatile and comfy. I love it! As for the one-out dress, I just don’t find myself wearing it very often. I think someone else could put it to better use.

This one-in shirt is so beautiful and comfy to boot! The one-out shirt is one I’ve had for over 10 years. I still love it, but it just doesn’t fit my style anymore.

The one-out top doesn’t fit well anymore, so this was an easy choice.

I still love the fit and color of the one-out tank, but it needs fixing so it’s time to go.

These are similar tanks. I love the one-out top, but it doesn’t fit well anymore.

This was a difficult choice. I love both dresses, but at the end of the day the one-in fits my style better than the one-out.

This was another hard choice. The brown shoes are nice, but it’s just time for change.

Do you follow the one-in one-out rule? Share you stories with us below!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day, lovelies!


MissyAnn 😘

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Fool Proof Tips for Hiking in Comfort

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

landscape photography of field covered with yellow flowers
Photo by Takao Numata on Pexels.com

Spring has sprung! I’ve been seeing daffodils in bloom everywhere. Trees are starting to bud, birds are chirping, and the grass is greening up. The world is coming back to life. I love it!

Spring is a great time to also get back outside and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding us. Breath in the fresh air and get all that winter dust and darkness out. It’s a time to refresh and reset the soul. What a better way to do that than to go for a hike.


A hike you ask? Yes, let’s go for a hike! But what should we wear? Great question! It can be difficult to figure out what to wear for a hike (or any outdoor activity for that matter). I’ve come up with a few fool-proof tips to make sure you dress for comfort on your next outdoor adventure! Let’s dive in!

Tip 1: Check the Temperature

Through trial and error, I’ve determined that the tipping point temperature is 70 degrees.

  • Under 70 degrees I would suggest wearing the following:
    • Long pants
    • Short sleeve shirt
    • Jacket


  • Over 70 degrees I would recommend wearing the following:
    • Capris or shorts
    • Short sleeve shirt or tank top


Throw on a baseball cap and you’re good to go!

Tip 2: Layer, layer, layer


Layering is the key to comfort. Even checking the temperature beforehand you can never really tell how it will feel out on the trail. It might be under 70 degrees, but what if it’s sunny and bright. Shedding that jacket might be just what the doctor ordered.

Tip 3: Choosing the right shoes


Choosing the right footwear can be challenging as well. Knowing the trail makeup can really help take the guessing out of what to put on your feet.

  • Paved Trails: Regular tennis shoes should fit the bill


  • Unpaved trails: Hiking shoes are a great option on these surfaces (similar)


  • Mountainous or rough terrain: Hiking boots are in order (similar)


On another note, I would highly recommend changing into flip-flops or sandals when you’ve finished your hike. Why you might ask? Let me illustrate with a story. One beautiful autumn afternoon, I decided to go for a hike with my dog. The air was warm, but not hot. The cool breeze was blowing through the trees of red and orange. The fall wildflowers were in full bloom. It was a great hike. The trail was about an hour from our home. We were about home and all-of-a-sudden my legs felt like they were on FIRE! Seriously, on fire. They itched so badly. Turns out I had a really bad case of chiggers. Had I taken off my shoes and socks after the hike, I may have been able to prevent the infestation. Even if you don’t encounter chiggers, who knows what you may brush up against in the woods. Poison ivy, anyone? Case in point, remove your socks and shoes after hiking.

Tip 4: Hiking Essentials


Now that we know what to wear, what should we bring? We may think nothing, but there are a few things we want to make sure we have with us on the trail.

  1. Whistle: Yes, a whistle. In case you get into any trouble, just three short blows indicates an emergency. (here)
  2. Water: Make sure you have plenty of water. It’s recommended to drink 1/2 to 1 liter of water every hour on hot humid days. It’s still important to drink water on chilly days, too, although you may need less than indicated above. If you’re bringing your dog along, make sure you have plenty of water for them too!
  3. First Aid Kit: Safety first! You can make your own or purchase one from the nearest drug store. There are plenty of light and compact options out there. (here)
  4. Binoculars: Who knows what wildlife you may run into! (here)
  5. Granola bars: Make sure you have a source of energy out there on the trail.
  6. Backpack: You’re going to need something to carry all this stuff in! (here)


That’s it! You’re now prepared to have a comfortable (and safe) trip on the trail, so go out there and explore! Feel free to share your outdoor adventure pics with us in the comments or on our Facebook page. We’d love to see them!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day, lovelies!


MissyAnn 😘

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How to Survive the Polar Vortex

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you this very important public service announcement…the polar vortex is here! Today, let’s chat about how to survive the freezing arctic air that’s enveloped our land. I assure you, we can be warm and still look cute. So, grab a hot beverage and a warm blanket and settle in!

Polar Vortex Essential Item #1: Cuddlies

Cuddlies are my top essential item for surviving the polar vortex. What are cuddlies you ask? Good question. Cuddlies are my cute word for long underwear or long johns, etc. I don’t care for those terms, so I coined my own. You’re welcome. I have a pair of cuddly pants and a cuddly long-sleeved shirt. The key is to make sure to choose a pair that’s thin (try these here). You don’t want anything too bulky. You also want to make sure they fit well. You don’t want anything super loose as you need to be able to layer other clothing on top. On the other hand, you don’t want anything too tight because you want your skin to be able to breathe and keep your blood flowing normally. There are tons of options out there, so pick one that fits your needs. They even have fleeced lined ones!

Polar Vortex Essential Item #2: Warm Socks

A pair of warm socks is another essential item for surviving the cold temperatures. Nothing quite works as well as a nice pair of wool socks. Wool is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin. This is comfort at its finest! My favorites are from the Smartwool brand (here). You can even add some liners (here) for extra warmth. The key is to make sure you’re socks aren’t too tight on your feet and that your feet aren’t too tight in your shoes. The same principle as the cuddlies applies here as well. You want your skin to be able to breathe and your blood circulating normally. This will keep you warm!

Polar Vortex Essential Item #3: A Warm Outfit

Next up, we need a warm outfit. This is where we get to pull out our warmest of warm sweaters and pants. My go-to is a chunky sweater and skinny jeans. You could also opt for fleeced-lined leggings or wool slacks. Maybe you have a cashmere sweater that doesn’t get much use. Now would be the time to pull that baby out! Topping off your look with a scarf would be a great choice for a day like today.

Polar Vortex Essential Item #4: Outerwear

Outerwear includes things like coats, hats, gloves, etc. So pull out your warmest coat, preferably with a hood. Add a scarf, a stocking cap, and some warm gloves and you’ve got it made! Some people worry about their hair while wearing a stocking cap. Let me tell you, I feel that! I like to wear my hair as simple as possible to avoid too much damage from the hat. It doesn’t hurt to have a dryer sheet handy to calm any static cling that forms as well. Trust me, you’re hair will find it’s way back to its place and you’ll be so much warmer!

Polar Vortex Essential Item #5: Snow Pants

All the tips above will keep you warm for sure. We’re talking extreme cold here, though, so we’ll need a little something extra. It’s time to break out the snow pants. Snow pants? Yes, snow pants. Hear me out. I know they’re not the cutest of clothing items, but they will keep the wind and moisture out and the heat in. I have a pair of black ones that fit nicely over my jeans (similar ones here). I find the black color gives them a sleeker, more stylish look. When I get to work, I can easily slip them off and carry on with my day. Trust me, this is an item you won’t regret owning during the cold winter months!

Polar Vortex Essential Item #6: Blanket Scarf

Another great item to have during the cold is a blanket scarf. It’s truly a multi-purpose piece of clothing. I mean, it can be worn as a shawl or as a normal scarf or used as a blanket to keep your legs warm. The options are endless. Plus, it can fit easily in most purses when not in use.

Polar Vortex Essential Item #7: Boots

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

A great pair of warm boots is the last, but certainly not the least, in my list of essential items for the cold weather. To be honest, this is one I haven’t quite figured out yet. Normally I just wear my tall rider boots from JCP (here). On the coldest of cold days, I have some hiking boots (similar here) that keep my feet warm and toasty, but they’re really not tall enough for walking through the mountains of snow we have everywhere. I’ve heard great things about these boots from Amazon from fellow bloggers, although I haven’t tried them myself. Any recommendations?

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

That’s it. These are my essential items for surviving the polar vortex. What are your tips for surviving these cold, winter months?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day, lovelies, and stay warm!



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Closet Makeover Part I

Diagnosing the Problem


Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

photogrid_15322190624812884963782759272601.jpgToday, let’s talk closets.  Whether you have a standard 2-rod setup or a walk-in closet the size of a small house, we spend a lot of time staring into our closets.  Up until I watched Lisa J’s Closet Tour and Organization Makeover Part I, I was perfectly fine with my closet being a little messy and less than pretty.  Lisa J brought up a great point, though.  Our closets are where we start our days.  Why not start it them off on the right foot by looking into something clean and organized that makes us happy?  Yes, that is some truth right there if I ever heard it!  On that note, let’s go clean out our closets!

clothes clothes hanger dress fashion
Photo by EVG photos on Pexels.com

As Lisa J shows in her video, the first step to a clean closet is to get rid of what you don’t need.  For many of you, this will also be your first step.  Since I just moved, though, my closet was mostly purged of the things that I don’t love and don’t fit.  So, we’ll skip to step 2 here.  Spend some time going through step 1, though, and make sure your closet is purged of what you don’t need.  This will make the rest of the closet makeover much easier. Lisa J goes through her process of getting rid of stuff in her video.  Check it out if you need some inspiration!

Step 2 is identifying the problem areas.  These are the areas of your closet that don’t function well for whatever reason.  It might be that they have become a catch-all for things that don’t have a home or a space that has just gotten out-of-control or things of this nature.  I have several such spaces in my closet.  Let’s take a look.

This started out organized but quickly became a place where I just toss my purses.  This needs a serious dose of TLC.

This space could definitely be utilized better.  There’s just a few boxes and shoes haphazardly thrown up here as they didn’t have another place to go.  This will be an area of focus for sure.

This is a tough one and kind of hard to see from the picture.  The closet rod curves here and clothes tend to get lost in this area.  Trying to figure out how to use that space has been so challenging.  It’s time the mystery was solved once and for all.

This has become a catch-all spot for things I’m donating.  While it’s a good habit to have a spot like this somewhere in your house, it could be prettier than just throwing the items on the floor.


Now, that these problem areas have been identified, we can start thinking of organizational solutions.  That’s Step 3, organizing!  Over the next few weeks, we’ll tackle each area and come up with creative ways to make this space organized and pretty.   I hope you’ll come along for the journey!

Thanks for stopping by!  See you guys in my next post!



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Wardrobe Analysis: Part II

Lifestyle Analysis

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

As you recall, yesterday we talked about the warning signs of wardrobe gaps. Today, we’re diving into part 2 of our wardrobe analysis; determining how we spend our time. While most of us think we know how we spend our days, what we think may not match with reality. It’s a good exercise to map out exactly what we’re doing every day. Let’s get into it!


First off, I analyzed my time by the week. For me, I felt that would be the easiest way to see how I spend my time. I assumed 16 waking hours per day, which is 112 hours per week. Side note, I did start by analyzing the full 24 hours. However, that skewed lounging around/sleepwear way too much. Next, I broke my time into 6 categories: lounging around, work, outdoor fun, casual fun, date nights, and formals. Can you guess how much time you spend doing each activity? Here’s what I came up with.

Lounging Around:


Think hanging out around the house either in the morning or before bed (or whenever!). Most of my lounging time is in the morning. I’m NOT a morning person. It’s essential that I start my day out very slowly. After I wake up, I take a good hour to drink coffee while sitting on my deck or watching the news. How do you start your mornings? So anyway, my estimate was that I spend about 3 hours per day (remember waking hours only) lounging around.



This one’s easy; think going to work! I spend about 45 hours per week at work. Keep in mind that everyone’s work dress code is different. Mine is quite casual because we work with chemicals that can easily ruin clothes. In other words, no one is wearing suits (at least not in my area).

Outdoor Fun:


Outdoor fun includes things like exercising, hiking, gardening, etc. I figure I spend about 12 hours doing these activities per week.

Casual Fun:


For casual fun think running errands, BBQs, farmer’s market, family time, etc. Over the course of a week, I estimated I spend about 20 hours in these endeavors.

Date Night:


This category includes things that are a little nicer, but not super formal. Think date night, church, going out with friends, and things of this nature. For these activities, I spend about 12 hours per week.

Formal Events:


Formals can be a little hard to estimate as we’re not usually going to a wedding every week. I did want to include it as having some formal wear in your closet is necessary. I’m going to set this at about 1 hour per week.

So, where did we end up?

Lifestyle Analysis Results:

  • Work: 40%
  • Casual Fun: 20%
  • Lounging Around: 20%
  • Date Night: 10%
  • Outdoor Fun: 10%
  • Formal Events: <1%

That wasn’t so bad, right? How did your lifestyle analysis turn out? Let me know in the comments down below or on the Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned tomorrow when we’ll see how many outfits fit into each category above! This promises to be very insightful!