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The Simple Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Hey, lovelies! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any blogging. I’m glad to be back with you!

Today, we’re talking New Year’s resolutions. You know, the goals we set out to accomplish in the excitement and hope of the upcoming year. Sadly, though, most resolutions end up abandoned by February. Yikes! Okay, well, maybe that’s not a fact, fact. I heard it on The Office so it must be true? ūü§∑ No matter what the true statistics are, most people do not follow through on their resolutions.

Why is that? We all make well meaning goals. We might want to exercise more or read more or get rid of a bad habit. These are all well intentioned pursuits and we know doing these things is in our best interest. So why do we end up going back to our old ways in a matter of weeks?

Motivation is key. We have to find an impactful way to motivate ourselves. Knowing something is good for us is not enough to do it. We have to dig deeper and find out what’s driving our goals.

An easy way to do this is called reframing. I first saw this concept applied to New Year’s resolutions on Kaitlyn Black’s Instagram. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, she was Annabeth on Hart of Dixie. If you’re looking for something new to watch, Hart of Dixie is a sweet and charming southern rom-com. You can find it on Prime video. I highly recommend it!

Okay, back to reframing. This takes your resolution and digs into the why. Ask yourself, why do I want to do xyz?

Let’s practice with the resolution of Exercise More. Why do I want to exercise more? It may be to get in shape. Why do I want to get in shape? So my clothes fit better. Why do I want my clothes to fit better? So I have a more positive view of my body. Ah, now we’ve gotten to the heart of the matter. We can reframe our resolution from Exercise More to Create a More Positive View of My Body. Which goal are you more likely to keep? I’d say the latter, hands down.

It may take several rounds of asking why to get to the root cause. It’s totally worth it, though. You’ll end up with a resolution that you’re much more likely to keep.

What are your 2021 resolutions? How can you use this reframing technique so you’re more likely to keep them?

Thanks so much for stopping by! It’s good to be back with you all! Have a great day, lovelies!


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Happy New Year

Why Gratitude Matters

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It’s nice to be back blogging again. The last six months have been some of the most difficult of my life. My stepdad, who was like a second father to me, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past summer. After a short, yet bravely fought battle, he passed away in the fall. I miss him terribly. I decided to take some time off from the blog to grieve and start healing. I have a long way to go, but I think I’m ready to get back into it.

The last few months have wildly changed my perspective on life. Things I used to think were a big deal no longer hold much importance. Time spent with loved ones is more precious than ever and something to be treasured. I’ve learned many lessons.

Perhaps the greatest and most surprising lesson was about gratitude.



Okay, I’m not going to lie, for the longest time I thought gratitude was some hippy, feel-good, mumbo-jumbo. Turns out, I was wrong. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, an impending winter storm forced the hubby and me to leave my family and go home earlier than we planned. I was devastated that we had to leave early and felt terrible to leave my Mom. The pain and sadness were overwhelming. In these times, I often turn to my phone to distract myself. While perusing through the Play Store, I came across the Gratitude App. In my despair, I decided to download it thinking it was hogwash but it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

person holding space gray iphone x
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Words cannot describe how glad I am that I stumbled across this app. Turns out, being grateful really does help change your attitude and your outlook on life. The app has a daily inspirational quote which helps me get my day started off on the right foot. It also provides an easy guide to writing what you’re thankful for and why. I’ve found that writing why you’re grateful for something takes the exercise to a whole new level. It really makes you think about things in a deeper way. It’s easy to say you’re thankful for x, y, and z, but saying why you’re grateful for those things takes greater consideration. After using this app for a couple months, I find myself seeing the good in even bad situations.

If you’re looking to start the new year off on the right foot or just need an easy way to record your thoughts, I highly recommend the Gratitude App!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day, lovelies!


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New Year in Stripes

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Happy 2018!!!  I hope you all are having a lovely start to the new year!  Let me know in the comments below how you rang in the new year.  I would love to hear from you!
Today, I was feeling stripes to kick off the new year.¬† It’s been really cold and dreary here lately, so I was searching for, not only stripes but also a pop of color.¬† Never underestimate the power of a bright color.¬† It can instantly change your mood and the mood of those around you.¬† I remember one day I was walking down the street dressed in a bright pink sweater with a lavender¬†tee and a springy pink, purple, and white scarf.¬† Basically, I looked like spring.¬† Did I mention this was in the middle of winter?¬† A lady stopped me and said I must be ready for warm weather.¬† Who isn’t, right?¬† She proceeded to tell me how much she appreciated my brightly colored outfit and that it brightened her day.¬† How cool is that?¬† I thought that was a fabulous compliment and it made my heart happy.¬† When I saw today’s inspiration¬†photo with the fabulous pops of pink, it made me think of that day and I knew I had to recreate the look.¬† I don’t have any pink pants, so I exchanged them for some regular jeans.¬† The rest of the outfit I kept the same with the striped black and white shirt and black cardigan.¬† I added the pink tank and pink necklace.¬† I’m loving the finished looked and even better, it’s so comfy!¬† This is one I’ll be sure to have on repeat this winter!

Recipe Style:

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What are you wearing to kick off the new year?
That’s all for today.¬† See you guys in my next post!
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New Year’s Eve 2016

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Today, let’s talk New Year’s Eve wear. ¬†New Year’s has to be about my favorite holiday in terms of outfit fun. ¬†What other night can you dress head to toe in sparkle? ¬†There’s not many occasions for this level of bling, unless you’re going to Vegas. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Anyway, check out the sparkle on this dress. Love it! ¬†Confession time, this is actually my flapper Halloween costume. ¬†That’s okay, though, because I removed all the feathers, which left me with just the dress. ¬†It’s perfect for New Year’s Eve! The hubby did ask me where I was “working”, so maybe I went a little over the top? ¬†I don’t know, but I do love this NYE look!
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Sparkle, sparkle, and more bling for New Year’s Eve!
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How are you ringing in 2017?
That’s all for today. ¬†See you guys in my next post!