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Insta Roundup #3

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Today, we’re looking back at a few looks from the past week or so.  Nearly, every day, I post my outfits on social media (follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Google+ to catch all the fun!).  Let’s get into it!

Happy Monday! This was yesterday’s look. I call it Sunday Best. “Kids, put on your Sunday Best we’re going to Sears!” What a great quote, amiright? Although I didn’t go to Sears, in my mind, it still applies for any Sunday look. Have a great week, lovelies!
Today’s outfit inspiration came from a photo taken a few years ago. I had put these pieces together and snapped a pic, but never actually tried on the ensemble. Today seemed like a good day to try it out. Much to my delight, the outfit actually worked! Sometimes items that look good together on a hanger, don’t look good on. At least for me. This is my downfall with Polyvore. I’m good at copying and adapting outfits but not so much at creating them. How do you come up with your outfits?

Apparently, I’m super excited it’s Thursday. And why not? It’s basically Friday eve. Have a fabulous day!

Monday vibes = purple and lace. With a busy week in store, I wanted something feminine and comfy today. Have a great week, lovelies! Go kick some butt!

I needed a little extra boost today and bright colors seemed to be the way to go. I managed to pick out the brightest top combo I could find and paired that with a colorful, funky necklace. It was just what the doctor ordered to tackle my day with confidence!

It’s Day 1 of the Iowa State Fair! Here’s a look back at the hubby and I a couple years ago after we sampled a few of our fair food favorites. Pork chop on-a-stick, cheese curds, and, of course, a good ole fashion corn dog? Don’t mind if I do. What’s your favorite fair food?

Yes! I can’t get enough coral this summer! What’s your favorite summer color?

Another day, another trip to the Iowa State Fair! I love the fair, but I also love creating all these fun fair outfits! I kept it simple today as my earrings and shirt did all the talking. What are you up to today?

That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!