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No Fail Guide to Layering Bracelets

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Today, let’s talk layering. The concept of layering necklaces comes naturally to me. It’s quite the opposite when it comes to bracelets. When I came across this graphic on Pinterest, I was so excited! I thought I might be able to conquer bracelet layering for good.
Rules in hand, I headed off to my jewelry armoire. I pulled out all my bracelets and began trying to layer them. Trying being the key word here. Turns out, even with the guidelines I still struggled.
Recipe Style:
layering jewelry via

My Style:
Example of guidelines #1 and #2

Example of guidelines #1, #2, and #3

Apparently, I don’t possess the design gene needed to layer bracelets. That’s okay, though. There are still a few things us bracelet layering challenged can do.  

Option One: The Multi-Strand Bracelet
One way is to wear a multi-strand bracelet.  No layering required but gives the illusion of a layered look.  

Recipe Style:
Orla Coil Tassel Bracelet from Charming Charlie

My Style:

Option Two: The Bracelet Set
Another way is to purchase a bracelet set.  This takes all the guesswork out of layering as the pieces are designed to mix and match and seamlessly work together.
Recipe Style:
Milan Stardust Bracelet Set from Charming Charlie

My Style:
Option Three: The Statement Bracelet
Some bracelets are so fabulous on their own, they don’t need anything else.  These make layering super easy since they don’t need to be layered at all!

Recipe Style:
Leafy Shaky Stretch Bracelet from Charming Charlie

My Style:
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