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How to Get Organized

(without feeling guilty)

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Today, let’s get real. As women, we carry around a lot of guilt. Maybe our homes aren’t as clean as they should be or our meals aren’t as tasty as they should be or we aren’t as put together as we should be and the list goes on and on.  For starters, let’s stop “shoulding” all over ourselves. We’re doing the best we can. My house is not immaculately clean, but we’re not living in filth either. I’m a terrible cook, but Stouffer’s makes a mean lasagna so no one goes hungry. Throwing on some red lipstick is about as put together as I can get somedays. That’s all okay.
One place I really struggle with the guilt is with organization, particularly filing. In my mind, all the files are tucked neatly in color-coded filing folders in the file cabinet we don’t own. In reality, everything that needs filing ends up in a huge stack of papers on the desk. I’m talking huge, like 2 years of papers it’s-way-too-overwhelming-to-even-think-about-doing-anything-with huge. The picture above is not far off what my desk used to look like.  Sad but true facts.
The hubby and I recently moved into a new house. This has forced me to take a good hard look at some organization issues, like the whole filing thing.  First of all, I find it helpful to identify the ideal end result. For me, that’s again all the files tucked neatly inside color-coded file folders in a filing cabinet. Next, I identify the barriers to achieving the ideal end result. In my case, that’s a couple of things. One, we no longer have a filing cabinet. Two, I don’t take the time to unfold the papers and place them into the file folders. Even when we had a file cabinet I didn’t do that. Instead, I’d just stack the papers on the desk with the intention of getting to it later (news flash: later never came). So how can I bridge the gap between my ideal and reality?
Clearly, I’m not going to take the time to unfold anything so I need a system that will fit that. I also need a system that is as quick and easy as setting the files on the desk. Ideally, the system is color coded or ordered in a way that makes retrieving files simple. What’s a girl to do? 
Well, I emptied my craft cart and turned that into my file cabinet. The drawers were already colored, so I simply just added some labels. Now, all I have to do is open the drawer and put the folded paper inside. So easy! I managed to sort through and file my 2-year paper pile in a night! Plus, my new system is so easy I’ve filed everything immediately since then! No more endless stacks of paper cluttering up the desk!
Whatever you struggle with, the bottom line is to find a system that works for YOU! Not a system that should work or works for Mrs. Jones next door, one that is just for you. You’ll start to see amazing results and the guilt will melt away. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?
What organization issues do you battle?
That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by! See you guys in my next post!