Hey, guys! Welcome to Talk Fabulous!

About the Blog:
Talk Fabulous is a lifestyle blog centered on fashion and beauty. The inaugural post was in April 2016. I had been thinking of starting a blog for awhile, but a series of unfortunate events kicked me into gear. I needed a creative outlet and a positive place to focus my energy. Thus, Talk Fabulous was born.

About Me:

Here’s a little about me…I’m a Midwestern girl loving life in the heartland. I’m married to the love of my life. We have a dog and a few chickens. There’s never a dull moment around here! I’m a scientist working to feed the world. Struggles are real when working in a predominately male field. Feeling fabulous every day is key to keeping cool and confident.

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m by no means an expert, but I strive to provide a positive, informative, and entertaining space for everyone. Afterall, we’re really all the same, we’re fabulous, everyday people trying to balance work, family, friends, hobbies, etc. Let’s connect on our commonalities and talk about all things that make us fabulous!