Bargain Boot Letdown

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Today, let’s talk bargains. By now, we all know that I love a bargain. Finding treasures at a fabulously low price is my jam. Who’s with me?!?! We need to be careful, though. Sometimes, those bargains are not bargains at all. The phrase ‘You get what you pay for’ can ring all too true.

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Boots are a must in the upper Midwest in the winter. They are normal daily apparel. I have a casual pair and a fancier pair in both brown and black, neither are real leather. The casual pair gets a lot of wear. They are from JCP and last about 2 seasons (see them here). The fancier pair, though, doesn’t get much feet time. Feeling sad for my fancy boots, I pulled out the brown pair to give them some love. They had only been worn 2 or 3 times. Luckily, I was wearing a long dress, because look what happened after only an hour of wear…

They just disintegrated. It was so disappointing! Case in point, sometimes bargains aren’t best. That was all the encouragement I needed to order a pair of real leather boots. When Black Friday came around, I ordered a pair from Macy’s (see them here).

If you’re like me and are feeling a little leery about spending so much up-front on a single item, try this trick. Calculate the price per wear. Those boots that fell apart after 3 wears were probably around $50, making them $17 per wear. Yikes! The real leather boots I just bought on sale for about $120 would only have to be worn 7 times to make them $17 per wear. I have a feeling they’re going to get a lot more wear than that! I’m hoping to get those leather boots well into the single cents per wear. The bottom line is that it makes sense to spend more on items you wear often. If you wear jeans everyday, spend a little more to get good quality ones that will last you a long time. The investment will be well worth it!

What items do you invest in?

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