A Pink Twist

Hey, lovelies! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Fall is in full swing here in the Midwest. Hues of red, orange, and yellow are all around us. I love these fall colors as much as the next gal, but sometimes I like to switch it up.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled autumn color scheme to bring you this pop of pink! We all know how I love a good pop of pink! I mirrored the inspiration photo as closely as possible with the exception of the necklace. I love the multi-colored statement necklace in the inspiration pic. The only bold necklace I had that would work for this look, though, was this pink one. I’m not mad at it. In fact, I’m loving this look!

How do you keep things fresh during the seasons? Do you ever add an “off” season color to your outfit?

That’s all for today. Have a fabulous day, lovelies!



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