Red is for Everyday

Hey, lovelies! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!  We’re so happy you’re here!

Today, let’s talk about the color red.  Oh, how I love red!  I didn’t always have a love affair with this color, though.  My past self thought red was too bold and bright for me.  It was my grandma who bought me a red shirt and said every blonde-haired girl needs some red in their wardrobe.  She was right and I’ve never looked back.

I love the gray and maroon combo in the inspiration pic.  To switch it up a bit, I chose a classic red shirt to pair with the gray scarf.  I think either way looks fabulous!  I finished off my look with skinny jeans and some black ballet flats.  Which is your favorite?

That’s all for today!  Have a fabulous day, lovelies!


For your pinning pleasure…

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