Boho Red

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

I love me some red! That wasn’t always the case, though. One day my grandma told me that all blond haired girls should have one red shirt. So, I tried one on and I was hooked!

Recipe Style:

Today’s inspiration pic spoke to me with that bold red top. The look is so summery and simple. I couldn’t wait to recreate it!

My Style:

For the restyle, I opted for this red, boho top. Boho isn’t my go-to style choice, but it’s good to switch things up from time to time. I paired the top with my Levi’s pull on jeans from Wal-Mart (see post here). These are so comfy and stylish! You need these jeans in your life! I finished off the look with some cute sandals and silver and pearl jewelry. I’m really loving this outfit. It’s season appropriate (especially for these hot days), stylish, and best of all comfy! Style and comfort? We really can have it all!

Do you wear boho style clothes?

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by! See you guys in my next post!



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