Wardrobe Analysis: Part V

Filling in the Gaps

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

All week we’ve been analyzing our lifestyle and outfits.  Yesterday, we identified gaps and overages in our wardrobes.  Today, we’ll talk about how to remedy those issues.

Untitled picture

Above is a reminder of where I ended up with my Wardrobe Analysis.  Again, ideally, we want the orange to stop at the black line and the gold to begin at the black line.  If the orange bar is shorter than the gold bar, that means we have more clothes than necessary for our lifestyle.  If the orange bar is longer than the gold bar, that means we have gaps in our wardrobe for that particular lifestyle category.

girl-lavender-cos-flowers-160555.jpegFor both Formal Wear and Date Night Wear, I have more clothes than my lifestyle requires.  Does that mean I’m going to get rid of the outfits that fit into these categories?  No way, man!  However, I will be more cognizant of purchasing addition clothes of this nature in the future.

pexels-photo-1062280.jpegMy Work Wear and Casual Wear were pretty even.  That’s what we want to see.  We know, though, that I was struggling to find casual outfits.  To remedy that, I got some long tank tops on Amazon (find them here) to wear with t-shirts and leggings and such.  This addition should help stretch my casual items even further and allow me to create so many more casual looks.

pexels-photo-364362.jpegActive Wear and Lounge Wear was a little lacking in my wardrobe.  It wasn’t a terribly large discrepancy, which is good, but I should keep my eye out for some items that fit into this category.  So, what’s a girl to do when there are gaps in our wardrobes?

3040029_l7618761416628756047.jpgThat’s an easy one!   We go shopping!!! My favorite place to browse for new clothes is thredUP.  Check out my previous posts on this fabulous secondhand clothing site herehere, and here.  Basically, it’s an online thrift shop.  One of my favorite features of this site (and app) is that you can filter by the condition.  Do previously worn clothes freak you out?  No worries.  Simply turn on the filter for “New with Tags”.  Problem solved!  It’s really fabulous.  No, this is not sponsored, I just really love this site!  Interested?  Use my referral code to get $10 off your first order!

woman holding card while operating silver laptop
Photo by bruce mars on

Some of my other favorite shopping spots are Amazon, Target, Kohls, and JCP.  These all have great selections at good prices.  Even better, their apps are awesome.  I love me some online shopping from my couch!  What’s your favorite place to shop?

That concludes the Wardrobe Analysis series.  I hope you enjoyed it and that perhaps it has inspired you to do your own wardrobe analysis!  Let me know how it goes for you!

That’s all for today.  Thanks for stopping by!  See you guys in my next post!

Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!



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