Wardrobe Analysis: Part IV

Piecing It Together

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

photogrid_15258379258417268630510284916102.jpgAll week we’ve been talking about analyzing wardrobes.  We’ve looked at our lifestyle and analyzed our clothes.  Today, we’ll put it all together.  Let’s get into it!

In order to identify the gaps in our wardrobe, we need to compare how we spend our time versus the outfits we have in our closets.  If you recall, we have 6 categories to help us through this adventure.  They are lounging around, work, outdoor fun, casual fun, date night, and formal events.  Ideally, the percentage of time you spend in each category matches the percentage of outfits for that group.   Let’s analyze some results, shall we?

Untitled picture

First off, I love me a good graph!  The nerdy scientist in me gets way too excited when I can plot out things in my real life.  This was the perfect way to compare my time and wardrobe in each category.  The orange is my time and the gold is my outfits.  The black line is at 50%, which is ideally where the orange would end and the gold begins.


I was quite surprised by a few of these results.  First off, I figured Formal Wear was going to be way off and it was. That’s okay, though.  This category is a hard one to estimate, but you certainly need a few formal outfits in your clothing arsenal.  Next on the chart is date night.  This one was pretty skewed as well.  I was a bit stunned at this result.  It makes sense, though.  I love date night clothes even, though I can’t wear them very often as they are usually too fancy for work.  My work wear has always felt balanced and that’s what the results show.  Don’t you just love when data matches your hypothesis!


The next category shocked me.  Turns out, I was pretty close to 50% in casual wear.  My perceived lack of casual wear is what started this whole wardrobe analysis!  Sometimes your data doesn’t match your hypothesis.  Such is life.  Looks like I need some more Active wear (which I have been referring to as Outdoor Fun in these posts).  Don’t mind if I do!  Finally, it also seems I’m lacking lounge wear outfits.   Again, don’t mind if I do!

This was fascinating and incredibly eye-opening!  If you are toying with the idea of giving this a try, I would highly recommend it!  Of course, feel free to share your journey in the comments below or over on the Facebook page.  I would love to hear from you!

We’re not quite done with our Wardrobe Analysis yet.  Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to fix the gaps we discovered today and conclude our Wardrobe Analysis journey.




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