Wardrobe Analysis: Part III

Analyzing Your Closet

Monday we talked about the warning signs that you may have gaps in your wardrobe. Yesterday, we talked about analyzing your lifestyle. Today, let’s talk how to analyze our clothes.

We’ll start by grouping outfits into the 6 categories we discussed yesterday; lounging around, work, outdoor fun, casual fun, date night, and formal events. To do this, let’s look at our tops, skirts, and dresses to determine what category (or categories) each could fit into. Remember to think about dressing up and down each item. I found it helpful to write out the categories on a sheet of paper and then make a tick mark for each outfit possibility. Most pieces in my closet fit into multiple categories, which is great! We want our clothes to do double duty as much as possible. I skipped my pants and jeans figuring that counting my tops would provide the information I needed. Let’s see how my closet analysis turned out.

Lounging Around:

pexels-photo-364362.jpegThese are outfits are in home attire only.  You know, PJs, sweats, and things of this nature.  I found about 24 possible outfits for this category.


pexels-photo-325924.jpegThink nice clothes but not too fancy.  Keep in mind everyone’s work dress code is different.  Mine is pretty casual, but I do like to look nice.  65 outfits in my closet fit into this group.

Outdoor Fun:

exercise-weight-woman-sport.jpgOutdoor fun includes outfits for exercising, hiking, yard work, etc. This was one area I knew was lacking.  I found 8 outfits for outdoor fun.

Casual Fun:

pexels-photo-1062280.jpegCasual fun outfits are casual wear for running errands, BBQs, farmers market, and the like.   My lack of casual wear was what started this whole wardrobe analysis adventure, so I knew gaps existed here.  After counting, I have about 31 outfits.

Date Night:

girl-lavender-cos-flowers-160555.jpegThese are items that are nice, but not formal.  This would include outfits that you would wear on date night, to church, or on a night out with friends.  I have a lot in this category, clocking in at 74.

Formal Events:

pexels-photo-901971.jpegThis category is pretty self-explanatory.  These are outfits you would wear to a wedding or other formal event.  I have 10 outfits that fit into this category.

So where did this end up?

Wardrobe Analysis Results:

  • Date Night: 35%
  • Work: 31%
  • Casual Fun: 15%
  • Lounging Around: 11%
  • Formal Events: 5%
  • Outdoor Fun: 4%

I was quite apprehensive about this step in the process. However, it wasn’t as challenging as I imagined. Besides, really all we’re looking for here is an estimate. Did I miss some outfits? Probably. Does it matter? Probably not. The gist is there and that’s what counts.

Will you be analyzing your closet? Let me know how it goes!

That’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow to see how we’re going to put this all together!



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