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Scarf Crush

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Scarf kelly green animal print ballet flats winter fashion
Confession time… I’ve got a scarf crush. It’s true. This scarf has been on serious repeat the last few weeks (see posts herehere, and here). Apparently, I’m on a black and gray kick.  Who knew? Let’s steer into the skid with today’s look.  I love the Kelly green paired with the gray as shown in the inspiration pic. I love Kelly green, but I can’t always pull it off well. In this outfit, though, it works. Sticking close to the inspiration I paired a kelly green tee with a gray sweater, bootcut jeans, my new ballet flats, and, of course, my scarf crush.  I’m really loving this look!
Recipe Style:
Source Unknown

My Style:

Do you ever go through color phases where you gravitate toward a specific color for a few weeks/months?
Thanks for stopping by. See you guys in my next post!

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