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The Easy Way to Mix Prints

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Today, let’s talk mixing it up.  It’s good to mix it up every now and then.  Ya know, to keep things fresh and fun.  Why not try mixing patterns in our outfits?  Well, for one thing, it’s intimidating and oh so scary, at least for me.  If you feel the same, don’t despair!  I have a sure-fire way to ensure you get the mix right every time.  Are you ready?  Okay, here goes.  Be a copycat.  That’s right, simply find inspiration and mimic it.  Easy, right?  Let’s see it in action.  I was drawn to today’s inspiration photo right away.  I just loved the uniqueness and interest of the look while maintaining simplicity.  The browns in the scarf tie in so nicely with the boots while the black in the scarf tie in with the shirt.  Fabulous!  I thought I’d try my hand at mixing stripes and animal print.  At first, I paired a brown and black animal print scarf with a black and white striped shirt.  However, I just didn’t like the way it looked on me.  Instead, I kept the same color palette by adding a black, gray, and white animal print scarf.  That I liked.  What do you think?  Need more ideas on easy ways to mix prints?  Check out my previous post on mixing prints here.
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