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A New Way to Match

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Today, let’s talking matching.  Remember back in the day when your shoes had to match your purse and all the colors in your outfit had to match perfectly?  This involved a lot of comparing making sure the shade of each item was just right.  I’m glad the fashion world has moved away from this matching principle.  Today’s matching is much simpler.  Instead of matching we just want to ensure the colors in our outfits go together.  This is not only easier but opens the door to a much larger pool of outfit possibilities.  It also makes each item in our wardrobe more versatile as we can “match” it to more pieces than we could back in the day.  Today’s outfit inspiration is a great example of items going together.  No piece in this outfit is the same color (the shoes and the purse are close but not quite the same) nor is there a piece that ties everything together.  The items just go together and look good together.  With fewer fashion rules than ever now, it’s a great time to get creative with your outfits.  Just start putting items together.  You might be surprised what you come up with!
Recipe Style:
Love all my followers! Hope you are all having an awesome day/night ❤️❤️ What time is it now where you guys are??? It’s Friday 3.30pm here in Brisbane Aus.. just 2 more hours before my weekend starts wooo! hehe - @rinasenorita- #webstagram
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Cardigan leggings brown boots coral scarf winter style
What do you guys think about the rules of matching in today’s fashion world?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

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