Great Gift Ideas for Her

Fabulous Finds Friday

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Today, we’re giving a shout out to all the guy readers.  Big thanks to the hubby, my dad, my bros, and my bro-in-laws for reading this every day despite the content being geared toward the ladies.  This post is for you guys! 
The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s never too early to start thinking about what to give that special someone.  In my mind, guys are so hard to shop for.  I don’t know what drill bit or hacksaw or power tool they need.  Conversely, I’ve heard the guys in my life say women are the ones who are difficult to shop for.  Well, not anymore, gentlemen!  Let’s dive into some great gift ideas for her!
Gift Card
This may seem like a copout, but hear me out on this one.  The hubby always gets me a gift card to my favorite store for my birthday.  This says two things to me.  One, he knows what my favorite store is, which is pretty cool.  Two, he knows enough to understand that there’s no way he could pick out exactly what I want from said store.  I applaud this knowledge and understanding and look forward to my gift card every year.

No woman in her right mind is going to say no to any piece of jewelry.  This is a fact.  You can’t go wrong with this choice.

Weekend Get-a-Way
How sweet are you to plan a weekend get-a-way for that special woman in your life?  She’ll think it very sweet indeed.  It shows you took the initiative to think of an idea that the two of you (or your family) could enjoy together.  That’s a great gift and something to look forward to once the holidays are over!

Subscription Box
No, we’re not talking about those fruit of the month clubs (not that there’s anything wrong with those). We’re talking more sophisticated boxes covering any genre you can think of.  There are tons of subscription box choices out there these days.  Just Google it and you’ll see what I mean.  Let me offer some suggestions, so you don’t get lost in the depths of the interwebs.  For the makeup lover Ipsy, Glossybox, or Birchbox are all great choices.  For the jewelry lover, I would suggest RocksboxFabFitFun is my pick if you’re looking for a variety of makeup, jewelry, and lifestyle products.  (This is totally not sponsored, but feel free to use my link to get $10 off your first box!)  A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving all year long!
Bath & Body Works
Every girl wants to smell amazing and every girl wants to feel pampered.  Enter Bath & Body Works.  This one’s easy.  Simply stroll into the store and pick out anything.  Seriously, anything will work.  If you want to up your game, ask the sales associates to help you pick something out.  This is sure to please any girl on your list this holiday season!
Ladies, help these guys out!  What did I miss?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!
Women gift guide for her gift ideas for her

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