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How to Quickly Change Purses

Fabulous Finds Friday

purse essentials how to change purses
A woman and her purse. What a complicated relationship that can be, amiright? My whole life is in my purse. When it’s a mess, I’m a mess. When it doesn’t match my outfit, I’m also a mess. It puts a damper on the whole look I worked so hard to create. Usually, though, I’m in too big a hurry to go through the complicated process of switching it. So there I go with my cute black and teal outfit and my brown purse. Ugh! 
From One Good Thing by Jillee
No more of that my, friends, no more! Enter the craft organizer turned purse buddy. This is slick. Jillee from One Good Thing turned a craft organizer into her purse buddy for all her essentials (see her post here). While I love this idea, it’s not going to work for me. I’m constantly throwing my bag around all topsy-turvy, it’s never upright. Does this happen to anyone else? No? Just me? Okay. Instead, I found 3 travel-sized bags to put my essentials in. Two were gifts and the pink one I bought from the dollar store. The dollar store has tons of super cute bags in many different sizes. If you’re in the market for a travel bag (or a purse organizer bag) I’d highly recommend checking out the dollar store.

Let’s get into the organizing.  First, we need to define our purse essentials.  This will be different for everyone.  Searching Pinterest for “purse essentials” yielded lists upon lists of must-haves for your purse.  I combined a few lists together and came up with my own purse essential list.  I gathered the items with the help from my puppy Jasmine (isn’t she getting so big?!?!).
purse essentials how to change purses
Cool, now that I have my list and the items, it’s time to bag them up.  The items can be divided into three categories (yes, I’m that organized, don’t judge me! 😉).  One bag will be for makeup items; one bag for the notebook, writing utensils, charger, and things of this nature; and the last bag will be for the first aid supplies.  Lo and behold, it all fits!
To change purses, simply pull out the bags and place them in the new purse.  It’s easy and only takes about 2 minutes.  Even on my most rushed mornings, I can spare 2 minutes for a good cause!  Big thanks to Jasmine the puppy for her help with this blog post!  She can be such a troublemaker (she is a puppy after all), but just look at that face!  She’s the cutest! 💖
What’s on your purse essential list?  Let us know in the comments below!
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post! 
Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!
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purse essentials how to change purses

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