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Falling for Vases

Easy and Quick Fall Decorations

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Are you ready for some more fall crafts? I know I am. Let’s get into today’s project, shall we? I’m not much into centerpieces, but I do have a beautiful glass vase sitting on my dining room table. It could use a little dressing up for fall, so I took to Pinterest to get some ideas. Using leaves either around the vase or tucked inside were my top contenders. Off to the dollar store I went to find supplies. Now we all know I love the dollar store, but their leaf garlands left a lot to be desired. The garlands were about 3 feet or so long and had less than 10 leaves total. #notimpressed For the sake of the project, though, I bought 3 and went home. Because the garlands were so sparse, I ended up tucking 2 of them inside the vase around a candle and arranging 1 outside at the base of the vase. I gotta say, I’m not totally mad at the end result. For more options, you could use flowers or pretty much whatever fits inside the vase. Even better, this is another project you could easily adapt to the changing seasons or holidays. Don’t you just love versatile decorations? I know I do!
Where’s your favorite place to buy fall decor?
That’s all for today. See you Friday for another installment of Fabulous Finds Friday! It may or may not be about skin care, and you may or may not be astounded at the results. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one!

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