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End of the Summer

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Finally, we’re back feeling refreshed after a little hiatus. This summer has been crazy!  Thanks for hanging in there with us!  We’re trying something new this week.  Stay tuned; I think you’ll enjoy it! For now, let’s get into today’s outfit.  Today is the unofficial last day of summer.  I can’t believe how this season has flown by!  Every year I seem to fall into the same pattern.  I realize the warm weather is quickly drawing to a close and there are still so many summer outfits I want to try.  I’m loving this kimono trend and I love how it’s exemplified here in the inspiration photo.  The pinks work so well together making a seriously bold statement while the rest of the pieces fade to the background giving this outfit a fabulous pop of pink.  We all know how I love a good pop of pink!  My ruana (aka my kimono alternative) is black, white, and gray.  You know the one; it’s been featured here.  So instead of a pop of pink, I went for a pop of black.  I really like the end result, plus it’s functional too.  Getting too hot?  Remove the ruana and put it in your purse.  It folds down quite nicely for that.  I love when function and fashion meet and I love this outfit.  I hope the kimono trend sticks around awhile!
Recipe Style:
Kimono Outfit with Denim Shorts
From Jo Lynne Shane
My Style:
How are you celebrating this weekend?
That’s all for today.  I’ll see you guys in my next post!

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