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Hair Removal Cream

Fabulous Finds Friday

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Today, we’re talking mega surprises! Hair removal cream, to be exact. Here’s how I stumbled across this beauty. So, there I was at Target wondering around looking at all the fabulous items they have in store. Remembering I needed razors, I found my way to the shaving aisle. Now I’m pretty picky about my razors. I’m lazy so I like the ones that have the shaving cream on them. Those are pricy, though! A refill can run you about $20 for 4-5, maybe 6 if you’re lucky. My eyes just happened to wonder down to the hair removal creams. I haven’t tried a hair removal cream in years. Target had 3 brands all in the $5-$10 range. I figured it was worth a shot to try, especially at that price point. I opted for the Nair brand since it was one I had heard of before and it just happened to be the cheapest one. I purchased it and walked out the door excited for my new experiment.

Following the instructions exactly as stated on the package, I began the experiment. It says about 85 times not to rub the product into your skin, so I was careful not to do that. You want to apply a thick layer to the skin and let it sit for 3-10 minutes. I applied it to my legs and let it sit for 5-6 minutes. That seemed plenty long. I’m not going to lie, it burns a little. Nothing terrible, but it’s slightly uncomfortable for the last minute or two. If you’re sensitive to that, you might want to steer clear. Next, I removed the product with a damp washcloth as suggested in the instructions and rinsed the remainder off in the shower. Guys! This actually worked! I think the key is using the washcloth to remove the product and the hair goes along with it! I was truly amazed!

I’m not sure yet if this will replace my razor, but it just might. I can see using this product at the beginning of the week and then use an electric razor for touch ups during the week. The product claims to last longer than a typical shave. I’ve used this twice now and once on my underarms and I’m not seeing the longevity they speak of. It might last a day or so longer, but not more than that. All and all this was a successful experiment! I would recommend trying out a hair removal cream for yourself!
Do you use hair removal creams? Any suggestions for us?
That’s all for today. See you guys in my next post!

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