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Carry On Challenge

Hey, guys! Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Today, let’s talk vacay! Vacation season is in full swing. The family and I are headed for the beach! Plane tickets are booked and the beach house has been rented. Sweet! Seeing as this is a beach vacay and we shouldn’t need too much bulky clothing, I propose to the hubby that we carry on.  We never carry on, we always check. This is mostly my fault as I like to be prepared for Every Possible Scenario. I thought this might be a good time to turn over a new leaf. Once he verified I was being serious, he just shook his head, chuckled, and walked away. This is a better response than I was hoping for and anyone who knows me well is probably applauding the fact that he didn’t just straight up laugh hysterically in my face. Fair enough, but I still want to see if I could do it. Let’s find out together!
First thing’s first, the bag. Remember how I said we never carry on? Because of that, we don’t have a piece of luggage that’s small enough. Oops. No matter, I found 2 possibilities. One is a backpack with so many compartments you’d never know what to do with them all. The second is a large duffle bag. My goal here is to see if I can fit all my clothes in one of the bags. Here’s what I’m packing:
This wouldn’t fit in either bag, so I guess I’ll wear it for traveling.

After some trial and error and mad folding skills, I got all the items into both bags! The backpack had absolutely NO more room for anything while the duffle bag had some room to spare. My only concern with the duffle bag is that it may be slightly too big. That would be a bummer if I ended up having to check it since it’s not very durable like a regular piece of luggage. At any rate, I’m pretty impressed with myself that I was able to fit everything in those bags!
Next time on Carry On Challenge, I’ll take on my toiletries.
What are your travel tips?
That’s all for today. See you guys in my next post!

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