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Fabulous Finds Friday: ThredUP Haul

My First Purchase from thredUP!

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!
Last week, we talked about thredUP and what it’s all about (see that post here). This week, I’m so excited to share my first purchase from thredUP!  Let’s get into it!  My curiosity about thredUP had reached its peak, so I finally downloaded the app and started looking around.  As I was browsing, I decided I could use a new pair of jeans.  I found 4 pairs of jeans and added each to my cart figuring at least one of them would end up working for me.  All the while, they dangle the how much more you need to spend to get free shipping thing every time an item is added to the cart. Plus, everything in your first order is 40% off up to $50 of savings, which is pretty good!  As I added more and more things to my cart, I decided that the best financial decision would be to maximize the 40% off and get free shipping.  That’s only logical, right?  It makes sense to me.  😉
As I mentioned, I started off on a quest for jeans.  I ended up with 4 pairs in my cart, 2 from Old Navy, 1 from Tint (which I’ve never heard of or tried), and 1 from Christopher & Banks.  I used to love Old Navy jeans, but I might be too old for them now.  Neither pair fit me at all nor did the Tint jeans.  The Christopher & Banks jeans fit really well, but they were too short.  I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for another pair of those but in a longer length.  I have been searching for a jean skirt for quite awhile now, so I started browsing through those options.  I found a super cute skirt from Old Navy and luckily it fit well!  I love it and I’m so happy to have a nice jean skirt again. See it in a post here.   
Next up, I just started browsing the tops. I love that you can pick your size and the condition of the items (tags still on, like new, etc.) so you can quickly filter out anything that doesn’t interest you. That truly is a great feature!  I was surprised and very impressed at the vast selection of items they carry.  It wasn’t hard at all getting to that free shipping price!  Of the items on the left, I ended up keeping everything except the top middle shirt.  It’s super cute and I thought it would look nice with a black sweater.  The cut was not flattering on me at all, though.  That’s going to Goodwill.  Otherwise, I’m keeping everything else.   I love the black and white striped shirt, which I talked about in a post here.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the yellow number which I talked about in a post here.  I couldn’t believe I found a K-State shirt.  Who would want to give that up?  I can only imagine it was a girl who was a KU fan that was dating a guy from K-State and they broke up, right?  There’s no other way you would want to part with such a cute shirt.  😉

All the pieces on the right found new homes in my closet.  I was pleasantly surprised at the number of pieces I wanted to keep.  Normally, I’m sending back probably 25% of my online orders. This time I really did good!  The brown shirt on the top right I talked about in a post here. Let’s talk about the Old Navy sweater on the bottom right.  I LOVE these sweaters!  I was first introduced to these sweaters by receiving one from my dad and stepmom for Christmas one year (see posts here and here).  The fit of these is so perfect and so cute. They are also lightweight and yet still keep you warm.  I have since found one in white from Goodwill and now this one in navy blue.  If I can find these in all the colors, I will scoop them up in a heartbeat!

If you’ve been contemplating trying thredUP, I would highly highly recommend it!  It’s so cool that these items are getting a second chance and a new life.  Plus, who doesn’t love shopping from their couch, right?  If you’re interested, feel fee to use my special invite link here, which gets you $10 to spend.  Enjoy!

That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!


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