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Fabulous Finds Friday: DIY Cleaning Kit

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

This past month, we’ve been looking at all things spring cleaning.  We started with FlyLady who keeps our cleaning schedule organized and simple.  Next, we made 5 DIY cleaning products to clean our homes.  Last week, we had some fun with DIY Fizzy Toilet bombs.  This week, let’s conclude this spring cleaning month with a way to store all those cleaning supplies.  I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest and thought it was truly brilliant.  Cleaning would go so much smoother if all the cleaning products, scrubbers, cloths, gloves, etc. were in one spot in a handy carrying case.  Not to mention, how cute is this kit?!?  For some reason, the green just makes me happy.  If I’m happy looking at the cleaning supplies, maybe I’ll get them out and actually use them.  What a novel idea!  😉

Following the inspiration photo as a guide, I set off for my local Dollar Tree store.  The first thing I picked out was the caddy.  My store had the choice of blue, red, or green. I opted for the green because it really does make me happy.  Next, I scoured the store for spray bottles, squirt bottles, cleaning cloths, scrubbers, etc.  I managed to find everything I was looking for in that same green color.  Don’t you just love when everything matches?  That makes me happy too. To top everything off, I made some cute labels following the instructions here.  With that, my cleaning kit is complete and I’m loving the finished product!  This was a cheap project that left me with a super cute cleaning kit that will bring me joy everything time I use it.  With that, I’m off to clean!

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From Jordan’s Onion
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What’s your favorite spring cleaning tip?
That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

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