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We’re Going Green

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Today, “we’re going green” in honor of Bill Paxton who passed away, much too young, last week. Don’t pretend like you don’t love that movie…we all secretly love Twister, right?  I know it can’t be just me.  Anyway, it sure has felt like spring here lately.  It’s been warm, super windy and we even had severe thunderstorms move through the area a few nights ago.  With all this spring-like weather going on, I’ve been craving brighter, spring-like colors.  Unfortunately, it’s still not warm enough to switch into full-blown spring gear.  Enter today’s inspiration photo; it’s the perfect winter to spring transition outfit.  The colors scream spring while the sweater and scarf provide some extra warmth reminiscent of winter. I’m loving this look almost as much as I love Twister (which is a lot)!
Recipe Style:
casual-outfits-2012-13, I know it shows a tank top but you could change that to a green short or long sleeve shirt and make it for fall.:
From Fashionista Trends
My Style:
Which Bill Paxton movie do you like better, Twister or Titanic?
That’s all for today.   See you guys in my next post!

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