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Fabulous Finds Friday: Leggings Review

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Let’s conclude leggings week with a Fabulous Finds Friday.  Below are the leggings I have personally tried and the pros and cons of each one.  Hopefully, this will help you in your quest to find the perfect pair of leggings!


My first pair of leggings was this pair from Target.  I opted for the basic black, but they do come in a variety of colors and patterns.  With a price tag of around $10, there wasn’t much to lose. Oftentimes you get what you pay for and that’s definitely the case with these. They are not the best quality of knit leggings. After about a half season’s worth of wears and washes, they started to get holes in the seams.  Also, these are very thin and must be worn with a dress or tunic.  I would only recommend these if you are very skeptical about whether or not you want to jump on the leggings bandwagon.  Otherwise, opt for a more a expensive pair.

Xhilaration Pants - Xhilaration fleece lined leggings black L/XL

Another option from Target is their fleece lined leggings.  Like the basic leggings, these also come in a variety of colors and patterns. With a price tag of $12 they are a nice affordable option but are only slightly higher quality than their basic knit counterpart.  One thing’s for sure, though, these will keep you warm!  If you’re like me and tend to run on the warmer side, only wear these when it’s super cold outside.  I would recommend these for those cold days when you need a little more insulation, but don’t want to put on a bulky pair of pants.  I find myself reaching for these often, especially this time of year.


These were a Black Friday purchase from JCPenney.  I had been eyeing them for about a month anxiously awaiting the Black Friday sales.  This pair of leggings has the look and feel of pants with the stretch and pull on nature of leggings, so they are much thicker than knit leggings. The price point on these is a little higher at $36.  Just be sure to wait for a sale and you’ll be able to snag them up for an affordable price.  These are probably my favorite pair to wear with tunics and long shirts.   If you’ll be wearing primarily tunics and long shirts with your leggings, I would highly recommend this pair!


Image result for ana jeggings
These were another Black Friday purchase from JCPenney. They weren’t quite what I was expecting.  Clearly, I should’ve done some more research before making this purchase.  I was hoping for pull on jeggings, but these have zippers and real pockets, etc.  If you’re in the market for a pair of skinny jeans with the stretch of leggings, I would highly recommend these as they are super comfy and stretchy and basically fabulous.  Unfortunately, that’s not what I was wanting. These will have to go back to the store to be exchanged with a pair of pull on jeggings.  I’ll keep you posted!

Image result for mixit solid knit leggings

Yet another Black Friday JCP purchase.  Can you tell I have a slight love for all things JCPenney?  I do love that store and I love these leggings.  These are a much higher quality knit than the ones from Target.  Additionally, these have a wider waistband making them extra comfy and help them to stay in place, and for a bonus it covers any extra tummy you may be carrying around from the holidays.  Regularly priced at $24, they are more expensive than Target.  But, let’s be honest, who ever pays full price for an item from JCP?  No one, I hope. I’ve seen them as low as $13.99, so just watch for sales and you can get these at a totally affordable price.  Of all of the leggings reviewed here, these would be my #1 recommendation.

I hope you guys enjoyed leggings week!  Let me know in the comments below (or on Facebook) what theme weeks you would like to see next.

That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!


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