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How to Wear Leggings: The Tunic

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Welcome back to leggings week!  Monday, we covered the various types and materials of leggings (see the post here).  Yesterday, we talked about how to wear leggings with dresses (here).  Today, let’s talk how to wear leggings with tunics.  This is a trend I’ve recently dipped into and love! As soon as I purchased a couple extra, extra long tank tops from Amazon (find them here) I was unstoppable! I first talked about these fabulous tanks in my Comfort and Style post (here), so I won’t rehash all the greatness of them.  I highly recommend getting at least the black tank if this is a trend you would like to pursue.  It’ll be worth the investment of $15, I promise!  While dresses are best with knit leggings, tunics can be worn with any type of leggings.  Ponte leggings (leggings that have the material of dress pants but the stretch of leggings) would be an excellent choice here as they tend to be thicker than their knit counterparts.  Below are a few of my favorite tunic and legging outfits.  
Recipe Style:
Leggings + Tunic/long shirt
My Style:
See original post here.
See original post here.

Do you like wearing tunics and leggings?

That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!

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