3 Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

Hey, guys!  Welcome back to Talk Fabulous!

Happy December!  Since the weather is finally turning winter-like let’s talk one of my favorite cold weather accessories, scarves!  Posts like these are a dime a dozen out there.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share my three go-to ties.  These are my staples, my rocks, the ones I turn to when my fancy ties fall apart at work and I need to quickly tie it back up without rushing to the restroom.  Does that ever happen to anyone else?  No, just me, okay.  I hope you enjoy and try one out today!

1.  Fold scarf in half.
2.  Drape the scarf around your neck with the looped end on one shoulder.
3.  Pull long end through the loop.
4.  Adjust, fluff, and bask in your glory!

The DIY Infinity

1.  Fold scarf in half.
2.  Tie the ends together to create a circle.
3.  Place the scarf around your neck.
4.  Wrap twice.
5.  Adjust, fluff, and admire!

Infinity Knot

1.  Grab an infinity scarf.
2.  Place it around your neck.
3.  Tie a slip knot about halfway between your neck and the end of the scarf.
4.  Adjust, fluff, and feel the fabulous!

What’s your go-to scarf tie?

That’s all for today.  See you guys in my next post!


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