How to Beat the "I Don’t Have Anything to Wear" Blues

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Life is all about phases. The terrible twos, our rebellious teenage years, finding ourselves in our 20s, etc. We go through phases with our clothes too. Sometimes we love everything in our closets. These are great times in our fashion lives. There’s other times, though, when we feel like we have nothing to wear and are less than enthusiastic to put any outfits together. Times like these call for some extra help getting out of our funk. Don’t worry, though! I’ve got some tips on how to ditch the “I don’t have anything to wear” blues!

This blog post is based on the article “No-Fail Outfits When You’re Tired of Everything in Your Closet”.  Find it here.

                     Recipe Style:                     My Style:


Option 1: Recipe Style: All White 
White is a little too high maintenance and flashy for my taste, so I wouldn’t recommend this route to beat the blues.  
Option 1: My Style: Black or Monochromatic Color Scheme
Instead of going all white, opt for all black or a monochrome color scheme that you adore.  Put on some cute shoes, some fun jewelry, and grab a purse that makes you happy and you’ll be out the door feeling fabulous in no time!
Option 2: Recipe Style: Cuffed Trousers and Booties
Again, this isn’t my style so for me putting this outfit together would be too complicated for blah days.
Option 2: My Style: Wear Your Go-To Uniform
What I think they’re going for in the article is the idea of wearing your go-to uniform.  Your uniform is that outfit formula you wear over and over.  We discussed this a bit in the How To Shop Your Closet Series: Part V (here) and My Summer Style (here).  Don’t know what your uniform is? Check out your outfit board on Pinterest (I know you have one by now, right?).  That will undoubtedly give you an idea of the kinds of outfits you gravitate towards.  For me, as you’ve probably noticed, my fall/winter uniform would be jeans, a tee, a scarf or necklace, and a cardigan.

Option 3: Recipe Style: Midi Skirt and Heels
Although, I think this is a super chic look, I’m not sure it’s what I would suggest when going through a fashion slump.  Skirts can be hard to style unless you wear them a lot (and I know some of you out there do and more power to you!).  
Option 3: My Style: Dress and Heels
Instead of going the skirt route, I would suggest pulling out a dress.  Dresses are much easier to style, just find shoes and some jewelry and you’re ready.  Easy and fabulous!

Option 4: Recipe Style & My Style: Skinny Jeans and Embellished Blouse
This one is a winning choice with me.  It’s easy and these are items everyone has in their closets. Pairing a blouse and jeans with some cute shoes is always a great choice that will leave you looking put together and feeling fabulous, no matter your attitude toward the rest of the clothes in your closet! 

A big shout out to my good friend, Sue, from Wine Wows! from Sue (check her out here) for the idea for this post.  I’m so lucky to have such awesome, supportive people around me.  Thanks so much guys!


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